Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IMPORTANT NOTICE for future Challenges

We will be temporarily moving our Photo Challenge to
my Blogspot Journal.  Please add your email address to the feedblitz,
 where it says to subscribe.  You will see it on the right, just scroll down.  Also REMEMBER to confirm your subscription, you will probably get an email to confirm.
Click here

This explains why everything on AOL is not working correctly.
We will change the name of the challenge.
 Jland's Community Photo Challenge. OR Our Community Photo Challenge. 
You may email me with your suggestions on a new name or leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Next challenge will be posted on BLOGSPOT
If you don't have a blogspot journal, it's easy to start one.
Go here, it's free
You do not have to use this blogsite, you can find another & still
 participate with our challenge,  Blogger, blogspot is free & easy to use.


oldetownephotos said...

Does this have anything to do with this?  

Attention AOL Hometown Users -- United States - People Connection Blog: AIM Community Network

I must have been under a rock.  This was posted in August and I just got it today.  What next?

tpiez4me said...

Yay....I hear ya!  I'm there too!


nhd106 said...


I hope I can find the time to do this.

fisherkristina said...

I will have a photo shoot over at blogger as well, of course.  That is a good idea, that you ask for a name.   But I know you meant the name you suggested as a "just for suggestion"!  Because I have been running the JLand Photo Shoot for almost five years now.  You wouldn't Want almost the same name as the one I already have, now would you?  I think that would confuse people.  People need to be able to remember who had the Original, and what it's name is:  the Original JLand Photo Shoot, more commonly known as:  The JLand Photo Shoot.

Thanks for understanding and not hijacking a name.  :)  I am sure that is not what you were intending to do.  You wouldn't want anybody to get the two shoots confused.  :)

anybody who wants to ask me where the jland photo shoot is going, please email me at  

Krissy :)